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Brick Bi Brick Student Project



Design a full campaign rollout promoting or advocating for something taboo. Create with a client of your choice in mind.


Brick Bi Brick is an advertising campaign designed to relieve stigma around bisexuality and other sexual identities defined by attraction to multiple genders. The campaign includes event promotion corresponding with Celebrate Bisexuality Day 2021. 


Choosing a title that points to the campaign’s purpose while providing a springboard for graphic elements was essential. Replacing the word “By” with “Bi” in the English idiom serves to repurpose the phrase, as to say it is time to deconstruct the old ways and build anew. Brick walls are regularly used as a visual to represent social and mental boundaries. I gave this commonly used symbol a new twist by drawing inspiration from optical illusions as many of the bricks in the illustration can be seen as either right side up or upside down. One could see this as symbolizing how people experience the same reality in different ways. I use the colors of the Bi flag in the center of the artwork. I have blended the colors into a gradient to indicate sexuality as a spectrum.

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