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Spark Joy While Studying at Home




Commissioned by UNICEF in conjunction with Marie Kondo and YouTube, I was asked to produce a video for UNICEF's campaign to help children during the quarantine. The video is intended to teach healthy remote-learning habits.


This nearly 3-minute video features Netflix personality Marie Kondo as she explains her list of best practices for staying organized while studying remotely. Job included a version formatted for Facebook and Instagram. The Facebook version quickly had over 500 thousand views after its release. 


The primary challenge I faced when putting this together was finding a way to keep children engaged. Sectioning the footage supplied by Marie Kondo's team was the first step to making the video easier to digest. Secondly, I created cartoonish animations accompanied by music and sound effects to reinforce her message. Some of the Illustrations are by my daughter, 11-year-old Niko Gagne.

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