I have taken on many projects over the years in new media, graphic design, audio production, video editing and animating. 


Below are selections from my portfolio I feel display a range of ability. 


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~David Gagne

Graphic Design and Illustration

Album Art  (6 Items)

Here are some of my favorite album covers I produced, not only my personal projects, but for others as well.

Hard to Quit (1 of 6)
Jenny Lou Drew and the Damage Done (5 of 6)
The Mall (4 of 6)
Hidden City Flyer (6 of 6)
Number 85 (2 of 6)
Moonflower Waltz 6 of 6

Event Flyers (12 items) Click to get a closer look

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Logos  (6 Items)

Video Productions
and Animation

Marie Kondo - Spark Joy While Studying at Home | UNICEF

I did all the editing, animation and subtitling for this project which features Netflix personality, Marie Kondo and was produced by UNICEF; the United Nations agency focused on promoting childhood wellbeing worldwide. The Facebook version of this video has had 600K views since its release 16 weeks ago.

Hunter Panels Tapered Polyiso Educational Video Series

The Hunter Panels Tapered Polyiso Educational video series is in five parts and explains tapered roof insulation installation.  Combined, these videos provide nearly 40 minutes of details explanations, animated diagrams, and step-by-step instructions.  Not only did I edit and animate these tutorials, I also created the music and wrote the copy.  This is the second video of the series; the full series is available on YouTube. 

Hunter Panels DuroLast Sales Meeting Video

This is another video for my clients at Hunter Panels which includes animated texts that move in time with the music

Fantazmz - Number 85 (Music Video)

In this music video for Fantazmz' fourth single release, Number 85, I used publicly available footage to help tell the story of Enos, a chimpanzee  launched into orbit in 1961. Enos' mission was the dress rehearsal for John Glenn’s imminent mission to become the first American to orbit the earth.

Wash Your Hands ("Safety Dance" parody) by Ross and Dave

My roommate and I made this video for the travel company, I-Reroute, near the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown in New York City. All the audio (including the instrumentation) was performed, programmed and recorded by us. The video was shot on an iPhone 11. We wrote and produced this video in one weekend, start to finish, without leaving the apartment. 

Fantazmz - The Mall (Music Video)

I released this track in 2019 as the first single for my solo music project fantazmz. Upon first listen, it sounds like a simple pop song. Its perspective is of someone working a dead-end job in retail with a crush on a fellow employee. When the listener becomes aware of what the track is really about, its complexity is enhanced. A department store mannequin is arranged to face another. "He" love's the other mannequin but is unable to move or express his feelings. This song's theme is inspired by an episode of, The Twilight Zone called After Hours, where a mannequin is sentient. I was recently able to bring this story to life in a music video shot in my apartment in East Harlem after being gifted two retired dummies of my own. This is another video endeavor created during the Pandemic and shot without leaving home. 

Music Production

Fantazmz (2 Items)

I have released four singles since putting my electronic solo project in motion in 2019. Most of this was recorded and programmed in my home studio in Brooklyn, New York. You have already heard Number 85 and The Mall. Here are the others.

Just LoversFantazmz
00:00 / 03:36
Hard to QuitFantazmz
00:00 / 03:07

HoloMovement (2 Items)

Solitary SplendorHoloMovement
00:00 / 03:44

HoloMovement is a musical group I belong to. We began putting out music in 2018 beginning with a self-titled 6 song collection offering a wide range of styles including Rock, R&B and Reggae. HoloMovement is a studio outfit consisting mainly of singer-songwriter, Becky Krill, and vocalist, Alicia Lanzieri, and myself as the primary instrumentalist. I also filled the roles of producer, audio engineer and co-writer. All of Holomovement's music is tracked in my home studio, including our latest two singles from 2019, Moonflower Waltz and Solitary Splendor. While I am not responsible for the making of the Moonflower music video, I feel it serves the song well to include it here.

Becky Krill (2 Items)

When working on Becky Krill's solo ventures, as I do with Holomovement, I serve the same roles as the primary instrumentalist and producer. This is her first single release, Nightmare.

The Flameglo (mixing)

What You Don't Know Won'The Flameglo
00:00 / 04:12

The Flameglo is a project led by singer-songwriter, Oliver Rosenthal. This is one track off his debut eleven song EP. The album was recorded at a larger studio and sent to me for mixing, timing and pitch corrections and other finishing touches including some of my own instrumental and vocal additions. The record will be out later this year. 

Hidden City Flyer by The ReRoutes

My friends at I-Reroute provided some lyrics and asked me to write a Ted Nugent style rock track around their favorite topic of interest, "Hidden City Ticketing." Not only did I create the music for this track, I am also to blame for the video as well. 

Three Little Birds - Passport Premiere

This is a cover of the classic Bob Marley song, Three little Birds, I did for members of the first class travel company, Passport Premiere. It is a compilation of four live performances I captured both in audio and video.