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The Mall



The Mall is the first single I released from my electronic project, Fantazmz. The Mall concept and lyrics were developed in collaboration with a New York writer for theater and screen, Ross Wade. Upon first listen, The Mall sounds like a simple pop song. The perspective is of someone working a dead-end job in retail with a crush on a fellow employee. This ties in with Vaporwave themes of consumerism and young love nostalgia. Both themes fit very well to the 80s driven, Neo Wave melody that runs throughout the track.

The music video informs the audience of what the song is actually about; A department store mannequin arranged to face another. “He” love’s the other mannequin but is unable to move or express his feelings. The other mannequin isn’t facing him and doesn’t even know he exists. The double entendres used throughout the chorus sound poetic when applied to the former interpretation but literal in the latter.

"Wish that I could help it, but I’m helpless standing petrified. Otherwise, I’d make the first move. In the latest style with a smile painted on my mouth. Can I be real? A hollowness is filling me."