Art is an Experience

Good design is more than the sum of its parts. I love looking at a beautiful magazine spread, illustration, or app and experiencing the immense power a simple arrangement of elements can have. The ability to enchant is not exclusive to design. All extraordinary forms of art can somehow transcend their makeup when possessing the right combinations of ingredients. I first became aware of this truth while exploring my passion for music.

In high school, I learned to play a slew of instruments, not for a love of performance and musicianship necessary, but rather to assist me in my goal of creating memorable musical recordings. I find myself asking the same questions in design as I did with music production.  What elements serve a purpose? Which features are frivolous. Are we bearing in mind the fundamentals? What rules can we break? As a pursuer of many artistic disciplines, I can tell you that one craft's broader lessons can nearly always show you something about another's. 

Over the past decade, I have applied this approach to many mediums. I've worked professionally as a music producer, video editor, and graphic designer. Recently I designed for UNICEF, including one project editing and animating a video starring Netflix personality Marie Kondo. Currently, I am focusing on incorporating animation and web development into my list of expertise. I am happiest when I allow myself to explore my artistic voice without the boundaries of form, and I am grateful that so many have been willing to listen.

Thank You,
David Gagne