Hi I'm David

Admittedly, graphic design was not my first passion. Music was my first love, but life has always led me back to design. I began playing music professionally around 2007 while attending Southern Maine Community College, where I studied communications and New Media. There I learned about video photography and editing.

 In 2009, I was in a pretty messy car wreck. It was during my year-long recovery that I first developed a love for graphic design. I began an apprenticeship at Virtual Design and began learning essential software skills and design fundamentals. Over a decade later, I continue to work closely with virtual design as a hired contractor on graphic design and video editing, and motion graphics projects.

Over these years, I have used graphic arts as an outlet for self-expression and as a means of additional revenue, finding that the flexibility of freelancing pairs well with a musician's gig schedule. My side-career in new media and graphics has brought me down some pretty cool roads, including working as a designer and video editor at a roof and wall insulation company in Maine, Hunter Panels. I have recently designed for UNICEF, including one project animating a video starring Netflix personality Marie Kondo. 

Primarily, I was working as a guitar player and producer since moving to NYC over five years ago. That was until COVID-19 put a swift end to live music in the area. When things got quiet, I felt it the perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge and abilities as a designer. I enrolled in Shillington School of Graphic Design's fall 2020 semester to update my skillset and acquire a more professional design approach. 

Enrolling in Shillington's three-month intensive course was the best decision I've ever made. Never before have I felt such a purpose for my creativity. I have found a career that perfectly fits me, and I am excited to see what unique new projects the future will deliver.

Most work presented on this website is a curation of the projects I've created during the final weeks of my Shillington program. Other personal and passion projects are added and updated frequently.  I hope that you enjoy my work as I certainly enjoyed making it.

David Gagne

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